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Too Much Good?

Posted onJuly 31, 2015 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

I recently had a great week! Our family got a little kitty. We named him Heman after an 80's cartoon I grew up with. And Heman is awesome! He plays well, and he is good with our kids. Not only that but he sits on my tummy and purrs. Ahh, good stuff. Beyond the cat I was mowing the lawn, and then out of nowhere my wife offers to finish mowing the lawn for me. Talk about awesome. And the weather was good, and I was thinking about all the good things God has given me. I could go on....Keep Reading

A Picture of Forgiveness

Posted onJuly 24, 2015 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

By now you have heard about the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina. Dylann Roof after being welcomed into a Bible Study opened fire and killed 9 people at Emanuel AME Church. Among all the other stories to come from this one event, is the powerful story of one man's forgiveness....Keep Reading

Change My Circumstance vs. Change My Strength

Posted onJune 19, 2015 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

I was reading a little about the Tour de France coming up here July 4th. Do you want to guess how many miles long it is? 2,200 miles. That's insane! I was also reading that in order to stay healthy the bikers must eat between 6,000 - 9,000 calories a day. I personally don't know about all that biking, but eating that much sounds like fun....Keep Reading

Impact of the Reformation

Posted onOctober 24, 2014 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

In the house I grew up in the major celebration at the end of October was...the Reformation. Yep. Now I still went trick or treating, and had a lot of fun going as a football player and a cowboy. But that was the low key event compared to our celebration of the Reformation at church. Halloween and decorating my house with the Luther’s seal painted on the front lawn and blaring...Keep Reading

Unconditional Love

Posted onSeptember 5, 2014 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

I love vending machines. I don’t know if I would have made it through high school without them. I remember getting sodas like Surge and Josta (now relics of the past) and of course Mountain Dew to get me through the day....Keep Reading

Who's Going to Pick You Up?

Posted onJune 10, 2014 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

We all fall down. Here’s 3 famous people who made it big time who first fell. Walt Disney was fired by his newspaper editor who told him he lacked imagination and had no good ideas. ...Keep Reading

How Good Is Good Enough?

Posted onMay 23, 2014 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

I’ll never forget taking my ACT’s. Boy, am I glad that’s over. I have empathy for all our Lincolnway students who may be stressed out over that massive test. For me, my goal in taking the ACT’s was simple - I needed to get a 24 or better. 24 was all that was required for the college I was looking to get into. 24 was it. The good thing is I did good enough. I scored a 24 and never looked back....Keep Reading

Getting Unstuck

Posted onJanuary 17, 2014 | by: Dustin Blumer | 0 comments

Driving last week sure was crazy. Cold and snow equal slipping and sliding, at least for my small car. I was driving home on the ramp for I-355 when I saw a car stuck way down off the onramp. I looked at the amount of snow the car was suck in, and the distance from the road, and the steep incline to get back up and I wondered, "How is that car ever going to get unstuck?" ...Keep Reading