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Can You Give a Love Tap?

How Does the Program Work?

Anyone can donate to the Tuition Ad Program Fund.  The fund was created to provide a sustainable avenue to help assist families that are in need of aid for funding the costs of Christian education.

To allow for potential tax deductibility, all contributions to the Amazing Love Tuition Aid Program Fund shall be entirely relinquished over to Amazing Love, a non-proft organization, without recourse to the donor, and designated by donor in one of two ways:  

  1.  Principal - Contributions will be placed in a dedicated account to be invested to earn income, dividends and capital gains to fun future aid and provide fun sustainability.

  2. Annual Grants - Contributions will be combined with the Principal annual income, dividends and capital gains of the previous fiscal year and made available for distribution for the current school year for any requesting aid.  

All undesignated contributions will be designated as follows: 80% to Principal with the remaining 20% going to Annual Grants.

Who is Eligible?

Amazing Love Church members and called workers with children enrolled in schools within our fellowship (grades Pre K - 12 plus university) shall be eligible to apply for a grant. 

An application must be fully completed including proof of child enrollment and proper documentation of the child's current tuition invoice with balance from the applicable school.  

All applications received before the application deadline will be reviewed by the Amazing Love Leadership Team.  Sole discretion for the Annual Grants will rest with the Amazing Love Leadership Team and their decision is final. 

All annual grants will be provided directly to the school for the credit of the family being awarded the grant.  In no circumstance will the total grant amount for a family be greater than the total cost of the family's total tuition bill at such school. 

The spirit of the fund is to encourage families seeking to provide children christian education; not to solely act as a financial need request.


Galatians 6:10 "Therefore, as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those whose who belong to the family of believers.

The Amazing Love Tuition Assistance Program (T.A.P) is designed to encourage Christian education.  We want to encouraging those that wish to send their children for Christian education to have the opportunity to do so.


Here is the TAP application form to fill out and submit