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This class is designed for you to gain a starting point in your relationship with God. These 10 classes have the potential to change your life. There's no prior Bible knowledge expected or required. We just hope you learn to know God's plan and purpose as we discuss important spiritual truths, and find guidance and hope in the Bible.

We meet for an hour and fifteen minutes for 10 sessions. There are 3 opportunities a year to join this class: one each in Summer, Fall, and Winter. We meet at Amazing Love's Church home: 21301 Pfeiffer Rd. Come to church to find out when the next group session is, or if you prefer a 1 to 1 session call us. If you prefer a trial session, before the commitment to all 10 sessions this is possible.

The curriculum for the class is the best of the best of the Bible. We cover what you really want to know about God. In this class we will answer these 10 questions:

  1. How do I know there is a "God"?
  2. What makes the Bible so special?
  3. How did I get here?
  4. Why is life so unfair?
  5. How do we fix what's wrong with the world?
  6. Am I ready to die?
  7. Can I get a fresh start?
  8. Will God really forgive my sins?
  9. What does God expect of me?
  10. Why are there so many churches?

Starting Point is a prerequisite for membership at Amazing Love.

Though if you complete this curriculum you are not required to become a member.