Wee Worship (Ages 3-5)

wee worship

Our Wee Worship is here to partner with parents during the exciting preschool years of life. Your child will be welcomed to a safe and loving environment by teachers who will meet his or her needs for security, acceptance, independence and guidance.

Wee Worship takes place during the church service and is for children ages 3-5 years. Because preschoolers learn best through play and activities, our curriculum has music, centers, playtime, Bible lessons, and videos. We want church to be a happy place to learn about God, and we are excited to welcome your child!

Safety and Security

In our Children's Ministry, we use a system called KidMin. We think that safety is one of the most important aspects with our children. Parents/Guardians check kids in and receive a matching guardian and child nametag. The child is only allowed to be released to the guardian with the matching tag.

Check in is done before Wee Worship on Sunday, or you can register your child early and your nametags will be printed and ready when you get to church.

We run a background check on all of our Children’s Ministry team members. All team members working should have either a Wee Worship t-shirt on or a volunteer nametag so that parents know who is authorized.

Here's what we'll be doing in November 2019: