Be the Church

If you're riding the fence on whether to join a church or to add church as a regular dynamic for you or your family - we think you may be missing out.  And we say this not because of what we want from you, but what we want for you.  Here's a few things church membership and regular worship has to offer:

Peace.  You go through too much throughout the week not to receive a message of encouragement and hope. The message of God's forgiveness and love is something that when regularly heard can and will bring peace.

Purpose. God has a purpose for your life.  He can use the story of your life to be a part of the story of love he's been telling since the beginning of time.  He can use you to make an eternal difference.

Community.  It is incredibly powerful when you hear or realize this simple truth, "you are not alone."  Though we are different, through empathy and love our church is a community that supports one another.  Come meet new friends and have new experiences at Amazing Love.